PeopleWe believe that the only effective way to manage your Human Capital across sites, posts, cost centres and regions efficiently is by implementing a process driven, fully integrated rostering, payroll and biometrics solution all-in-one. By integrating these three fundamental components we present highly valuable insights into your operation to shave costs, manage cash flow and increase profitability.


ProcessWe allow you to register valuable personnel and operational data, then help you to plan and manage postings for your disparate workforce. We process your data using complex rules and algorithms for the most suitable outcomes and present it to those that need it most. Fast processing saves you time and money!


Prof1t PayWe manage your most valuable assets efficiently to ensure accurate pay calculations. We've incorporated payroll in one system to save you money on your largest cost  base, this by effectively managing the details in large complex environments. We minimise pay queries and legal disputes leaving you with happy productive people.

Why Prof1t?

One Simple Solution Prof1t

Prof1t is a fully integrated, automated, real-time Rostering and Payroll System owned by SMART Integrated Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

It incorporates HR, Attendance Scheduling, Rostering (or Job Resource Allocation), Resource Management, Payroll, Leave Management, Asset Management, Uniform Management, Legislative Compliancy, and Biometrics integration.  It incorporates an Audit feature to investigate administrative discrepancies.

  • We benefit from 14 years of specific industry solutions, processes and best practice IP
  • We have had extensive input from industry specialists, from rostering to payroll to audit
  • We have insights from market and market research
  • We have incorporated the very latest in technology and Internet security

Prof1t is a complete solution that rolls over automatically and never needs archiving. All information regardless of time of capture or status of human resource can be accessed easily and comprehensively via the Web.  Prof1t is a Cloud based platform built on the latest Microsoft development platform and language.

Prof1t can integrate existing ERP systems.

We will enable you to:

  • Control your largest overhead from a simple single integrated platform
  • Pull accurate and detailed costing and wage to revenue analytics
  • Manage your workforce no matter where they are located
  • Have real-time accurate information at your finger tips to easily identify inefficiencies
  • Reduce management stress levels
  • Remove the worry and paper from your payroll process
  • Increase productivity
  • Access an easy, fast, modern solution
  • Balance payroll to roster
  • See 'prof1t' margins right down to Post Level

Saving you money throughout your operation!

We believe in 'shaving' costs across your organisation and effectively managing your greatest asset, your people.  This is fundamental to YOUR business profitability and success.

Prof1t from a boss's perspective

When we look at what we do we see it through a boss's perspective!  This is what they said ...

  • It provided an increase of 1% on the bottom line guaranteed, translating to a 20% increase on our margins.
  • With it being a single integrated process you are able to obtain 100% wage to revenue data that ties up the plan vs. the actual. (Plan = The actual roster!).
  • It provides for the specific industry payroll costs again ensuring the accuracy of the wage to revenue reports.
  • You are able to predict current and future wages and costs, because the roster which is the plan can be converted to actual wage cost data, without having to export data to a spreadsheet in an attempt to calculate the implication of the roster.

Rostering and payroll in one Cloud based system integrated with our own biometric units supports what we believe, it is the most advanced system of its type!

Download the Electronic Brochure here

It's all in a name!

Prof1t has been custom designed and built for companies that need to roster and pay people.

Prof1t (“Prof – ONE – t” written as 1, pronounced 'Profit')


  • We help companies profitability by managing and shaving costs.
  • We “Prof-i-si” prophecy, predict, forecast your future expenses and costs.
  • We are “Prof’s” professors, bright, clever people supporting YOU, helping you effectively manage your workforce, staff and costs.
  • We are number ”1”, first, best, numero uno!
  • We are “Prof – essionals” in “1T”, HR consulting, payroll, rostering, scheduling, processes, systems, programs, code, Cloud and Web based solutions.  
  • By being able to prophecy we are able to EVOLVE quickly taking our clients from the “caveman sitting next to the fire trying to easy roster and having to “hard-wire’ to payroll ...” to ONE state-of-the-art, ALL-IN-ONE, AWESOME, sitting in an aircon’d office using Prof1t, system!

Rostering and Payroll with Biometrics in ONE powerful system

Prof1t Biometrics Unit

We have seamlessly linked to our own Biometrics Units for real-time T&A direct from the field.

Real-time T&A is critical and has huge benefits, the system does not require supervisors to phone or radio into a control room to book people on and off duty.

Control Rooms receive thousands of calls and this creates a bottle neck which can take valuable time either side of a shift change to sort out before the company knows where to post its spares.

With Biometrics we know within a few minutes exactly which sites have been covered with the correctly qualified staff and enables the control room to work by exception rather than dealing with the entire shift before actioning.

Knowledge is power, which makes the reporting flexibility and diversity the true management benefit.

(NOTE: Prof1t has a built in 'manual' process for smaller sites not requiring Biometrics)

SA Payroll Association

We are proud to announce the renewal of our membership certificate for the year 2016.



Latest News

Annual PSIRA fees 2017 Government Gazette Publication.

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New SD6 Gazette for Security Industry with new rates effective 1st September 2015

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What is your Return on Investment (ROI) from using Prof1t?

  • 1% on the bottom line translating to a 20% increase on margins
  • 30% reduction of managements' time generating monthly management reports
  • Accurate automated Biometric T&A from the field linked to payroll
  • Reduction in disputes and legal costs due to accurate tracking and compliance
  • Leave, AWOL and replacements managed accurately and efficiently
  • Increased job retention due to reduction in wage queries
  • Saves time & money due to integrated payroll
  • Massive productivity improvements

Recruitment cost saving

Prof1t Benefits

  • Impossible to OVER ROSTER!
  • Impossible to OVER POST!
  • Impossible to OVER PAY!
  • Up to date management information at your fingertips
  • Improves the management of resources
  • Transforms organizational efficiencies
  • Meet profit margins on a regular basis
  • Enhances management controls
  • Improves productivity
  • Control over workforce uniforms
  • Control over on-site assets
  • Control over on-site incidents
  • Multi Language Capabilities

Is my data safe and secure?

Prof1t relies on industry best practices, and ensures the security of sensitive data. Credit card information is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layers), is not stored on Prof1t servers and is only used to verify billing info.

Your personal information is not shared with 3rd parties without consent. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

SPII Funding

Prof1t is awarded a DTI SPII Innovation Grant Fund

Prof1t is a highly innovative and advanced technology product whcih was awarded DTI SPII Innovation Grant Funding, this is testimony to the innovative advanced nature of Prof1t."


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