Key Differentiators

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  • Rostering and payroll in one system
  • Cloud based application, accessible from anywhere
  • Mobile App – issue payslips, pay queries, apply for leave, receive rosters, clock in/out
  • SSL data security encryption – same as online banking
  • Secure login privileges, you only see what you are entitled to see
  • Fully customisable per user per customer
  • Automatic daily backup of data – never lose data
  • No need to import and export data
  • No duplication of work – Time saving = Cost saving
  • Fully compliant
  • Tracks and logs all user events – Fully auditable
  • Multi language capabilities
  • Multi country capabilities

We believe that the only effective way to manage your Human Capital across sites, posts, cost centres and regions efficiently is by implementing a process driven, fully integrated rostering, payroll and biometrics solution all-in-one.

We present highly valuable insights into your operation to shave costs, manage cash flow and increase profitability.


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